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THANK YOU to all of you (Blog VISITOR'S), Your interst on my Serama Farm, we would like to share all about seramas, here is all our pass exprerince and effiort done to take care of Malaysian - SERAMA CHICKEN/ Ayam Serama from - /// From how to Raer, How & where do Source out, Selection, shecdule of breeding, Traininng method & Schedule, Competition info, Method of groomimg, Standard of Beauti, Competition of Judge guide line, ilness * Medice, Selling & Trade & etc...

Tips takecare of serama chick

Hello to all Serama Lover's,
Proposal 2-find or create a box about a face area equal bersize newspapers, ii. Floor box - floor box lined with a 3 or 4 pieces of newsprint. While doing this job daily, remove the top layer only. The bottom layer can still be used for the next day. Do not use a hard and smooth. This is harmful to the foot of chicks. Therefore, use a soft paper and not smooth. Proposal 3: we can put some sand in order to maintain the dry conditions, this can prevent the chicks eat their own excrement, his usual chicken will eat some sand to help their digestive system, this time the chicks will find things hard. if not, he will eat stool which I dry, especially in white color things. and this sand to be removed and new parts keep clean. iii. Cups, food containers and water, we can be prepared follow their own circumstances and preferences. (example - use the mineral bottle (500 ml) at the height of cut is required to place the water) or use plastic containner cover.
Here I share ways to advocate serama chicks hatch without her mother or best way to use the incubator, these tips from member serama and my experience too, because his study of the experiences that have made very carefully, a lot of trial and experience equivalent to that with I have experienced it before. here that the methods are appropriate and effective with the weather we in Malaysia. small serama chicken - Day 1 - 2, newly hatched chicks can survive without food and water for two days, while the chicks were hatched using an incubator machine will be left for 48 hours to dry hair. Then it can be transferred to a special wooden box equipped with heaters, bulbs typically use 5-15 watts power with thermo auto start and other accessories. Chicks - Day 2 -60 usually wooden box can accommodate chicks from age 3 to 60 days or longer length to 90 days. Here is the equipment needed:-i. Heat source for 24 hour light / bulb 10 to 15 watts of power must always lit (24 hours). Bulb shall be suspended 2 "- 6" inches from the high level of chicks. This is to prevent direct light rays to the eyes. Beam of light can cause eye stress and other problems to the chicks, hot or heat source is usually placed in one corner of this box. Proposal 1: Use a bulb (5watt) or the smallest size, we easily get a large bottle / glass bundles (ed large size), this can we enter into the glass bulb, this use is to avoid direct eye contact chicks (attached ) to the bulb when the bulb is can fix down as low levels of chicks. (Can happen the chick eye blind) this happened to my chicken before, with no glass containers are bulbs can put out any required angle and the level of the chicks can reach out to get enough heat, especially for newly hatched chicks are relatively weak, it can always reach out (around the edge of the bulb) to get enough hot / adequate. reasons why there is a bulb cover made of glass containers, it does not wobble and it maintains a stable temperature partially bulb, the bulb can be used over a long period of time, especially occur during the rainy season, it is more economical and safe. (will be very risky if a bulb goes off) ood and water containers sold in pet shops can also be used. However, it should be adapted to the elevation and development of chicks. importantly, the water container, not too big and tall, it carries the risk / cost death to chicks can fall into the water container, causing the cold or wet drowning. (Suggestions, looking for stones that will be the same height higher your ex, put the stone into the containner), this is to prevent the chicks go in and prevent the box / place to be wet. iv. Generally a clean, cleaner, healthier environment would be your chick. Therefore, take care thoroughly clean the box as possible. Waste disposal and newspapers should be done every day. The water container should be washed every 2/3 days. This is to prevent infections from unclean in itself. Food and water should be changed daily. v. Advise the box itself is made using materials such as plywood or wood in space and size requirements of each and equipped with a heat source, and other accessories. It is wise to put heat source in a part. This is to ensure that heat is concentrated and sustained in a corner while the other parts free of heat and cold (natural temperature conditions). to follow the option they need. So long as the chicks grow, they have a choice, to be at a higher temperature (near sources of heat) or away from it only in normal temperature. This is a BEST way (Effective) to isolate a controlled source of heat or heat in a corner alone. here we use the carton box measuring approximately 10 "inches long x 8" inches wide X 8 inches high in which the two sides be made holes like doors (large enough to put his hands) to reach the bulb socket hanging on the inside. This box is also dependent on quantity of chicken in this box ... (This box is like the Body of the mother hen), the chicks can go out and enter into any point of time, according to meet their needs on the individual differences of age, his size. NOTE (this happen in Asia country): If you will not in this way, this box will heat up when the weather is too hot, when (over head), to high rise will cause some chickens have been as follows: chicken so weak on lack of oxygen breathing, loss of appetite, drinking too mauch of water to removed the thirst, throw away the liquid stool and beair, if this continues in the box will be wet, unhealthy chicken as normal and susceptible to disease. When the air in the box does not circulate well, when persisting heat waste heat will cause the chicken droppings, can produce a strong gas odor, this can bother our chickens, including our self too. Prepare a small timber with a diameter of approximately 1 "is placed horizontal / horizontal box. The chicken grows, it may require wood to perch on whether to sleep or as a place to relax. It is also able to form strong legs to grip the wood. Door box should be made from steel and coated with fine mesh mosquito nets to prevent such intruders such as cats, rats or other animals at night. box should be placed in the house. or placed at a height of 1 meter above the level from ground. Choose an angle that the air in it revolve good but far from the sun or rain. Usually the growth or change in equipment this chick can be done when the two-month-old chicks and so on. Converted heat source bulbs from 15 to 10 watts. This is because the chicks are growing up with a lot of feathers. More dense plume will help to ensure that chicks always at the right temperature. This is done until the chicken reaches the age of two to three months old and the hair is fully grown. Food and beverage containers are also converted in accordance with the greater height according to their age. When the chicken serama growing, they need additional docking activities / habitat conditions are different from small chick under a month, the development of chicks and eating habits. hot Sun and sand play when chicks attained the age of one and a half months onwards, you can let them soak in a safe place (in the control / supervision). This can be laid to rest beside, sunlight can kill the bacteria in between the hairs. It also stimulates the natural growth habit. Other useful information when the chicks are growing, you must add the existing equipment.Close monitoring of food can menentuan the best size for the chicks. For Western Cool Country / Winter season

The SERAMA Chicken is not your "Daily see common bard yard Chicken".is Coming from the jungles of Malaysia where temperatures average 90-110 degrees they do get stressed when temperatures drop below 40 degrees, but, keep indoors in a well lighted area and given a source of heat (use 75 watt bulbs in each cage), something they can move to or away from as the need arises, they will thrive. They are no more difficult to rear your quality Serama. TQ (Rev 18/2/2012)